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Pilfood® Direct Ampoules

Pilfood® Direct Ampoules is an effective solution against hair loss, suitable for androgenetic alopecia, both for men and women thanks to its exclusive formula:

  • Pro-Anagex®: it is an exclusive active ingredient of Pilfood® Direct with a powerful effect that speeds up new hair growth
  • Hydro-keratin: it softens and repairs hair
  • Soy complex: it strengthens hair and provides shine
  • Burdock root extract: it regulates sebaceous hair secretion
  • Plant-based multivitamin complex, rich in vitamins A, B, E, F, H (Biotin) and Horse Chestnut extract: it nourishes and revitalizes hair giving to it a healthier appearance
  • Multi-mineral complex: it softens the hair cuticle contributing to its recovery
  • Panax Ginseng Extract: it stimulates and regenerates hair



Pilfood® Direct Ampoules is also a perfect supplement of the oral treatments of Pilfood® Complex.



Shock treatment: 1 daily application for 6 weeks.

Maintenance: 1 application 3 times a week for 10 weeks.


It is recommended to gently massage the entire capillary surface with the fingertips until completely absorbed. Let it act without drying. Do not rinse.


Suitable for daily use (day or night).



Pack of 15 single use ampoules 6ml each with applicator