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Proven efficacy

Pilfood® gives supporting evidence through clinical studies

Pilfood® Direct Ampoules’ topical treatment efficacy with Pro-Anagex®

Research Features

Aim: Rate anti hair loss efficacy of Pilfood® Direct Anti Hair Loss Treatment (Ampoules)
Type of study: Assessment of human volunteers (n = 20)
Application: 1 per day (in the morning or at night) with dry or wet hair massaging the scalp

* Test performed under dermatological control over 20 people: % satisfaction after 6 weeks.

It speeds up new hair growth
It stops hair loss
Hair increase
New hair in men and women

Efficacy in oral treatments of Pilfood® Complex:

Research Features

Aim: Rate the increase of hair with Pilfood® Complex
Type of study: Assessment of human volunteers (n = 27 men, n = 26 women)
Dosage: 2 tablets per day or 3 capsules per day during meals

Results at 6 months